Direct help is wonderful but many support organisations can not operate without financial support. On this page we list local organisations that raise funds and make grants.
Hardship Fund
Help for individuals affected by Covid 19
A fund to help residents of Chipping Campden parish who may be suffering financial hardship due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This could be anything from a few necessities, to help with rent, utilities or replacing broken equipment. If you or someone you know, or a family, could do with a little support at this time, we’re here to help. 
E:   T: 01386 291005
Campden Edge 
Support for young creatives
Campden Edge promotes and develops the creative talents of children and young adults of Campden and surrounding villages.  The fund provides financial assistance to 8 - 26 year olds who wouldn't be able to afford these opportunities under normal circumstances.
W:   Email:   T: 01386 849228
Chipping Campden Community Trust
Support for community projects
Chipping Campden Community Trust is a Charitable Trust established in 1995. 95% of income comes from legacies from the Tryphena Wood and the Fred Badger Trust.  Even though these funds are restricted to helping older people, we have been able to accrue unrestricted funds from additional donations and bequests, to support projects for younger people and organisations. We would like to increase this fund in order to do more for people of all ages in the community.
Rotary Club
Serving the community
The Rotary Club of Chipping Campden meets at the  Cotswold House Hotel, Chipping Campden. We draw our membership  from the town and surrounding villages.
The purpose of the club is to bring together local, like minded, people to enjoy fellowship, serve their community and contribute to local national and international projects.
Surgery Friends
Enhanced surgery facilities
We raise money to provide enhanced facilities for patients at Chipping Campden Doctors' Surgery which would not normally be provided by the practice itself or NHS.
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